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So Who Are We?

Welcome to Cross Thrift! We take pride in using high quality materials in an environmentally responsible way. Fashion does not have to hurt our environment, and style doesn’t need to be made in the thousands. You’re not like every one else, and your style shouldn’t be either. You can shop at Cross Thrift knowing that no one else will be wearing what you have, but be ready to be asked where you got it. We also offer local services in refinishing furniture and creating new looks for your home. 

Cross Thrift offers one of a kind items that we are so excited for you to see! At Cross Thrift we enjoy creating something unique. Our slogan “Redesigned By Creative Minds” fits us perfectly. Why?  Because that is what we do!

So, a little bit about us. Who are we?

Diane ran a business with her husband for over 35 years and has done professional photography off and on during that time. She loves decorating, redesigning, sewing, and photography. Some of her other hobbies include cooking, natural health, thrifting, antique shopping, and spending time with her fourteen beautiful grandbabies. Her faith is always number one, and most that know her know that.

Amanda runs an accounting office and manages Cross Thrift’s shipping, accounting, and helps Diane create new and upcoming inventory. She loves family time, healthy cooking, working out, and snuggling with her husband Isaiah while watching Netflix shows. Her faith is also her number one, and she loves sharing her faith and values at work and everywhere she goes.

We know that you will find that perfect something you are looking for, something original, something vintage, something funky for you and the loved ones in your life.

In a world full of websites we would hope ours gives you a bit of a warm hug when you come and visit. And hopefully you will become part of the Cross Thrift family! 

Please give us feed back as we want our site to be easily navigated, fun to browse, and a breeze to make purchases you won’t regret! 

Keep it groovy,

Diane & Amanda