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The decade of the 1960’s was a real turning point in more ways than one from politics to fashion the game change was on!

Hey everyone ! This is a little blog on vintage costume jewelery! 

So lets just start with 1960 for now, and look at some of the happening facts!

1960 was a real turn for not only costume Jewelery but the clothing industry as well! Why? 

  1. There was the building of more factories in that era to meet supply and demand 
  2. Mass production changed the availability of trending styles
  3. Plastics and man made materials replaced natural fibers 

    Jewelery took a turn from the prior mindset of representing class and status to the new ideology of everyone can and needs to be well accessorized  (socialism alive and well)

Fact is, all of the above mentioned which were conveniently orchestrated at just the right time, made what we know today as the costume Jewelery industry.

How many of you have heard the word Paste when googling vintage Jewelery? It’s the term that was used for manufactured gems which are created from glass.

The 60’s win as the era that moved these fake gems to front and center!  From flowers to mod designs and let’s not forget stamped gold pieces, these items were widely available at most department stores to  accessorize any outfit you could possibly have.

Here’s a question for you ? Do you think  fashion manipulate us into trends and buying frenzies? My answer would be of course it does! And I will tell you why I beleive that .

Clothing companies use different colors, textures and themes, then coordinate these with the jewelery and accessory companies. 

Then the two work really hard months prior to the release of new inventory to convince you that they are awesome by subliminally adding these designs in the background of television shows, and commercials. Billboards and the internet join this party as well. All of this takes place, like I mentioned, before you ever see these clothing and Jewelery pieces online and in stores. Does that sound creepy? It does to me and might I add how easily it is to manipulate most individuals with this tactic. All with a little subliminal coaching!

So question is …. do you really like what you wear? Or do you impulse buy season to season ? 

Well I say wear what you love (okay within reason) even if it’s black. But just remember everything looks cooler …….


Subliminal …. subliminal …. subliminal ….. hahahaha 


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