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I happened to be driving by one of my favorite Stores ( closed since then, much to my dismay) and out front was a beautiful Vintage Birdcage.  I’m not sure why I loved it so much, as I have never owned a bird in my life…… mmmm although my Mom used to have Canary’s and Parakeets when I was little and probably shouldn’t have now that I think back on that.  Anyway, I wanted it bad, just to have it, they are, after all, hard to find. So I popped in.  And I popped right back out. Pricey is all I have to say. Hopefully, I thought to myself, no one will want to buy this.

For about a month or two I would drive by and see that bird cage placed majestically out front. I couldn’t help but think about all the cool stuff I could do with that cage. My  mind would escape to my back yard by the patio seeing that bird cage with some plants and a plastic bird,   the tropical ones, you wouldn’t have to listen to or feed, or maybe in my living room by the bay windows with some really pretty plastic  plants,  the ones you don’t have to water or watch die?  How about using it for a  book shelf? More and More great ideas would flood my mind each time.

One Saturday my husband and I were driving down that street, and I glanced over to that direction  once again……  just to see if it was still there. And  it was. That’s when  I  confessed to him that I really wanted to buy that.  Expecting him to laugh at me or give me a hard time he said ” Why didn’t You?”

I wasn’t expecting that reaction , and I quickly responded ” Well,  It was a little pricey for my budget” he was already  pulling into the parking lot before I finished my sentence.

” Go check it out maybe the price is lower now” he said having seen a big red tag tied to the side of the cage.

When I saw that tag,  I was  immediately disappointed, thinking it had sold .

My husband made me get out of the car and check up close, and I am so glad he did because……it wasn’t sold it was actually marked down and I mean really  marked down.  I went inside, saw the Lady that worked there, and out of my mouth came ” Can you take less for that bird cage? ” I don’t know what I was thinking and I am not proud of that by any means but I did it none the less, funny what you will stoop to when you have your sights set on something. She said ABSOLUTELY NOT ! WE WON’T TAKE A DIME LESS, WE WOULD RATHER KEEP IT OURSELVES!  And then quite normally she said ” We take payments ” with a puzzled look on her face, like I should have known that or something.  My response to that once again was ridiculous as I acted on it  so fast and abrupt that you would have thought I was at an auction trying to out bid the person next to me.  I was the only customer in there at the time…. a little embarrassing to say the least.

I made 3 pmts and 2 months later I picked up my bird cage. The owner was there when I came to get it.  Asking my name and looking through the receipts she said to me ” So your the person that bought the bird cage, you know right after you put money down on it, 4 people begged me for it at full price.   That bird cage was meant to be mine.

Did I say bird cage? Because I meant to say Min Pin Cage.  Yes that is what it has become, a beautiful majestic Min Pin Kennel looking quite beautiful in the corner of my room. And did I mention that  it’s is a double decker Min Pin kennel thanks to my husband?

Now instead of looking at a square black dog kennel,   I have this to look at, and I love it!

This is the cage when I brought it home:


IMG_1251 EMAIL 7


I made a quilt top out of some shirts I found at Salvation army

IMG_1759 EMAIL 5


I used the button up  front of one the shirts for a little pizazz in the front, the Min Pins like it as well, I mean they haven’t ate the buttons yet….. knock on wood.



IMG_1760 EMAIL 4My handy Carpenter Husband measured and cut these Min Pin shelves and then I upholstered them and he attached them to the cage.IMG_1761EMAIL 3

I added some roses to the top, and of course it had to have a bird. And it was actually my husbands Idea to add the chain as if it was hanging…… but it’s not actually….. really it’s not.IMG_1267 DIFFUSE GLOW

Here is a birds eye view… (no pun intended) actually it was intentional.1264 EMAIL 2

And last but not least, here are the Min Pins, happy as a Lark ( once again an intentional pun) in their brand new kennel, they look like little gazelles every time they leap through their gate!

IMG_1263 EMAIL 6


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  1. Amanda July 29, 2014 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    Oh they are so cute! I love this idea, it turned out awesome!! Great job! I really enjoyed the story:)

    • Ruthy September 2, 2016 at 10:18 pm - Reply

      mmmm a little late hu! but thanks amanda!!!

  2. Ruthy August 11, 2018 at 2:29 am - Reply

    Actually I do update my website but thanks

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