Commit to the Cut

Commit to the cut use your Creativity

Creativity is a gift from God, and I am so thankful he gave me some! I also love fabric ❤️ whether antique, vintage and sometimes new. If it catches my eye, has just the right color, print, texture, vibe and price tag … I find a way to buy it.

And then I hoard it.

I convince myself upon purchasing that I will use my creativity and do something awesome with it.


Commit to the cut use your Creativity

And I stash it.

Commit to the cut use your Creativity

I put it safely away until my creative juices flow, and when they do, and the time is right, I get my scissors, pins and fabric and sit down to start my project.

Commit to the cut use your Creativity

And I stop.

Why? Because I know that when the scissors hit the fabric there is no turning back. It’s not a dry erase board, or a digital photo where you can erase or press delete and start over …. nope it’s more like 35 mm film, when you take a shot the frame is used, done. So you better make sure it’s focused and the aperature settings are correct or you ain’t gonna be happy with the results . Pick your subject wisely, don’t waste the film.

Commit to the cut use your Creativity

This is when I start second guessing. Is what I’m making worthy of this fabric? Should I save it for a bag? A skirt? A chair? Will it even sell? Do I love that fabric too much to get rid of it?  So many thoughts so many ideas I can’t decide I won’t decide.

And..The fabric goes back in my stash.

Commit to the cut use your Creativity

This is an ongoing process for me and clearly explains why I have no room for any more fabric.

I’m not saying I do this for all my projects, just with the special fabric I hoard. After all, once you cut into it, you’re pretty much committed, am I right?

Lately it’s dawned on me that I do this with more than just fabric, does anyone else relate here?

Commit to the cut use your Creativity

I’m not getting any younger and the projects are piling up, it’s time I throw caution to the wind (maybe not throw, but gently toss, maybe even hang on a little?).I need to just commit to the cut and trust my gut (hey that rhymes).

Commit to the cut use your Creativity

Who cares if I’m the only one admiring the decision I made? That’s a risk I’m quite willing to take right now. And If it really is just  about loving the fabric and not letting it go, well I can always save a scrap to admire for later, just like we do with our photos right? There goes the photographer in me again.

Commit to the Cut use your Creativity

So here’s to a year of getting creations out there and to accepting where that wind blows me!

As always, Cover that thing Cool!



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