Hello again everyone! It has been sometime since I have blogged. I have been busy with a new business I started almost a year ago with my number 3 daughter in law Amanda.   It is called “Cross Thrift” Cover It Cool.

Most ask what that name means, so I will give a little insight into the pun name. Cross Thrift came from Cross Fit I am sure you know what that is cause everyone besides me are doing it. As we were rummaging last summer in 120 degree weather outside of St. Vincints, ( and yes we completed every large box ) ,it occurred to us that we were actually getting our butts kicked, I mean we always do, hauling furniture, unloading, and carrying it up staircases, then working on it in the heat of summer like dummies. Anyway, one of us made a joke and said ” wow screw the cross fit gyms, we do our own cross thrift!  Of course we laughed and laughed at that, probably more than we should have ( but hey we were a little dehydrated ).

In the photo below I had spotted the cutest little television a few blocks from my house and decided to walk back and get it, in the hottest part of the day  my granddaughter thought it would be fitting to get an action shot, enjoy this , its the one and only photo  of my enlarged self ( I’m working on that BTW) that I have while hard at Cross Thrift! And of course there’s Amanda Woman handling those  heavy jeans at St. Vincints that day!


Any way back to the matter at hand.  We have been up cycling and re- inventing the wheel for our own personal use and some family members, for as long as we could  remember , from tables to jewelry boxes, you name it, we have up-cycled it!  Well A  little while had gone by and I can’t recall if it was weeks or maybe a month or so, we decided to try to make a go of this thing for a business.  The pun had stuck in our heads, so that’s the name we picked. Cover it cool came in to effect because literally we take old and make it new again, covering it with a brand new set of clothes! Not to mention that crossing an item over from one  purpose to another fit perfectly as well !  My very talented oldest Son is a graphic artist, and all we did is explain to him our love of vintage and what our business consisted of and with in 2 days, WALA!  The perfect logo had been birthed!  We worked our butts off like busy beavers from that summer until fall to get ready to strut our stuff at the women’s exchange extravaganza.  Then I had decided in October to sew some up cycled sweaters and jackets for 11 of my girls for Christmas, with so many styles and  mix  match sweater combos, I was excited to get started!  Little did I know the work involved and I barely got them all done.  My leisure fun turned into sweat shoppe hours and I wasn’t quite sure if I ever wanted to do it again, but I achieved my deadline for Christmas and all was well,  and  they turned out very boho and cool! ( at least I thought so anyways.)  I loved it so much I decided to add a clothing line as well!  Not for that winter of course but I would sew sew and sew some more for next fall.

We were so excited when the weekend finally came and we were able to set up our booth and show off all the cool stuff we made! We had a couple of Dog kennels up cycled from vintage end tables that were so cute we couldn’t stand it! We had little oil purses we had up cycled from old media wallets, a 1950’s beauty shop themed Christmas tree with a custom made  retro  style box to rest in, a wrapping station made from a plaid vintage golf bag, the coolest recovered mersman table in royal blue and decoupage, a table and set of 4 chairs custom wood top, made in 3 different covered stains in a sunburst style, the chairs turned out  beautiful with their new reupholstered happy floral fabric, a vintage atomic style retro desk from 1960’s done in a  mermaid teal and cream paint with butterfly paper from 1970’s decoupaged on top and a darling orange chair to boot!  All  created in a cool eclectic style that we both really love. Let me just say that we were proud of our hard work! Of course we had so many  more items not mentioned,  and…… we both wore an up cycled velvet jacket that I had made for the event, ( we both stayed up till midnight to get them done .. pattern forming here i believe ) just  to show what we can do on the clothing scene.

We had loaded the truck earlier the day before,  and the next morning we woke up at 5:30 so we could get a coffee and get there by 6 to start setting up, we had all our little extras for display and our child labor workers with us as well, butterflies I tell ya, just plain butterflies!

We set up our booth and had time to spare and chat.  So many compliments we received on our booth, and we were like, we got this baby!  The place opened up and the folks started filing in.  ” Look Amanda they are coming this way” we both said it about 100 times that day, and they were coming our way, looking at our stuff, touching it, oohing and awing over it. Lots of questions too, like ” Did you two do this your self?  That question was the most popular as we would proudly answer ” Yes” .  Another popular question was ” Do you think you could donate this Item to our cause? Ummmmm “NO” would be our answer. And my very favorite question was ” How much would you really take for this? ” and since we were not at a freaking flea market we would say ” The price is on the item” with a smile of course.

The day went on and on and aside from the nice visits we had and all the compliments, it was a utter and complete disaster!  Well not utter and complete because we sold a jewelry box ( to a friend does that count?) and an up cycled media wallet, she had good taste it was my favorite I was hoping it wouldn’t sell, go figure.

We kept our chin up, and when it was over, we loaded all but 2 things back in the truck.  As we pulled up at the house our husbands were working outside and both had that look.  The look of “poor things” on their faces. I have to say they kindly both agreed in shock that nothing really sold, they were seriously expecting some cash and an empty truck, sorry to disappoint guys.  But….we didn’t play up on the disappointment, after all we made connections and were even invited to move our stuff into a local store! Which  by the way turned out to be equally disastrous as well.

So now to current, we are creating an online store, we have made quite a few adjustments to our inventory and the clothing is so sweet! So we shall not give up, we will get this thing off the ground and running! So look forward to this  site being part of the Cross Thrift Cover it Cool site, where you can browse great whimsical one of a kind stuff, made to last and with alot of love!  You know the old saying what doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger, well that was a little dramatic let me rephrase, when once you don’t succeed try try again….. and we shall.

Looking forward to seeing you on the new site when it’s up!


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  1. Conniie September 3, 2016 at 10:05 pm - Reply

    You are very talented and I’m sure it is going to be a good thing that you are doing. Enjoy your blogs

    • Ruthy September 4, 2016 at 12:04 am - Reply

      I really hope so we have put alot of work into it! thanks for reading! Ruthy

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