Raising Kids – They’re Not Always So Cute

  • Raising Kids and Funny Humor

Raising kids isn’t so easy, and time goes by fast doesn’t it? I mean, I remember hearing  my Mom say that when I was in my 20’s or so.  I’m not quite sure why just my 20’s but that’s what I remember anyway.

Those happened to be my child bearing years…. well except for my youngest she came 10 years later and to be honest I was one of 6 parent figures for most of her rearing years.

Time did not appear to be speeding by so quickly in my mind back then, in fact I distinctly remember wishing on most days that it would. Raising kids isn’t easy, it’s hard, very hard work if you do it correctly.

When I was a young Mother and raising my kids, I felt it was real important to instill good solid character into each and everyone of them, and that unfortunately  led to some real solid butt attacks.

Yes there were precious moments….. moments being the key word here, after all that phrase didn’t come from nowhere.


Enjoying photography as much as I did and still do, I was able to capture some of those moments in my own children, ( none of which are shown), and  each decade that passes brings to a rememberance of more of the sweet moments than the not so sweet, and for that I am thankful.

Raising Kids and Funny Humor

Unfortunately it also brought that speeding clock in my head my mom spoke of to move much faster …….

Raising Kids and Funny Humor

so your  right Mom, time does speed by!

Raising Kids and Funny Humor


I am a Grama now.  DeDe  to all of my munchkins, which by the way are becoming individual young people instead of babies faster than I can keep track of, at least it feels that way!  Especially the ones that live far away.

Raising Kids and Funny Humor

I thoroughly enjoy my beautiful, quirky, funny, wise, and a little stubborn and honory munchkins, and am oh so grateful and thankful to my own munchkins for doing their job correctly so I can do just that …. enjoy them.  Although I have absolutley perfect photos of each and every one, I also have these……. the kind of reject photos that should never be tossed out.  Be careful all of you digital and phone camera maniacs out there not to press delete on the imperfection to quickly after all……..

Raising Kids and Funny Humor


these photos are the ones that will help them laugh when they are old enough to care to look back .  After all, every kid has to have  those photos that everyone in the family makes fun of right? Yes even my precious little babies.

So this is for a few laughs , and I hope it brightens the day of any one who comes to my little spot on the World Wide Web.  Enjoy. Ruthy

P.S. As always, I’d love to hear from you! Questions? Contact me!



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  1. Janel January 11, 2018 at 5:50 pm - Reply

    Love it! Love the photos! I remember my Mom always told me that when you get older the time flies by so fast that a year will seem like a month. I remember thinking she was whacky. But here I am, 48 years old and guess what? mom was right! It seems like a month ago we were just getting used to writing 2017! I am guilty of deleting some of the non-perfect photos, but you are right, when I look at my niece who passed at the young age of 23, all of her photos were quirky, she had her tongue sticking out, making faces or laughing….but that is who she was. AND we are ever so thankful that her Mother and other loved ones never deleted those pictures. Life isn’t perfect, it is messy, emotional and quirky, so save the pictures that reflect the realness of life. <3

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