Boho Style Dream Catcher With a Shabby Twist!

My youngest daughter was having her last baby shower, and wanted a Boho Style / Shabby chic theme.  In  fact that baby shower was probably the last of all the Grandkids and then the Great Grankids will begin!  As weird as it is…getting older has to be accepted and I believe I am starting to do just that…. well I’m adjusting let’s be honest.

So my daughter wanted a bohemian theme with the florals and woodland accents which was right up my alley! And decided to have it here at home where most of her friends and family could come.

So she and her oldest baby boy flew out here and stayed for a month (how fun!) giving us plenty of time for all the creativity which would soon start.

The first thing I did was get on my computer and look at color swatches. I gathered every color she was pondering using and created some color wheels for her to decide on. After much deliberation she decided on robins egg blue, rose, seafoam green, burgundy and honey gold … Yay! As these are some of my favorite colors!

So the theme was decided and the colors were carefully chosen.  First I worked on the invites. When the original draft was completed I sent it off to Vistaprint for printing!

They arrived on time and beautiful!  Then we thrifted on a regular basis for wreaths, vintage sheets, cloth napkins, florals, rustic wood items and basically anything we thought may add to the touch. Don’t ever pass up an item just because the color or texture is wrong, with a little work these set backs can be tweaked and upcycled for the look you are wanting to achieve!

We began ripping sheets when we had spare time, mostly in the afternoon over a protein shake and some Fixer Upper episode to use for a beautiful curtain on the back patio and some whimsical dream catchers!

Then we upcycled some  wooden boxes to hold silver ware, hand painting cardboard letters, (spelling her new babies name) and  refinished  a vintage wicker baby cradle. Actually there was so much more as you can see in the photos

                                                                                                                       Boho style baby shower                               Boho style baby shower


It was a lot of work but so much fun. All my girls that still live here pitched in when they could to help us get things done. My daughter in law who is a cake designer flew out from Texas for 3 days to join the fun and made the super cool boho cake!

                                                                                                             Boho style baby shower


Everything was made and tucked away eagerly waiting for the day to approach.

Finally the date arrived! The night before we decorated the inside of the house,  and all  of us hoped for a perfect breezy beautiful day for  a few hours of boho fun with  friends and family!

We didn’t decorate the outside that night because a weird freak storm was threatening to blow in. I really didn’t pay it much mind that day as we usually get a few clouds and then it blows on out without any weather drama.  I will interject a little hindsight here regarding this youngest grandson of mine now.

It turns  out he was born all natural, with a midwife at home, in water, and was a cowl baby! If you don’t know what that is here is the definition

A caul or cowl (Latin: Caput galeatum, literally, “helmeted head”) is a piece of membrane that can cover a newborn’s head and face. Birth with a caul is rare, occurring in fewer than 1 in 80,000 births. The caul is harmless and is immediately removed by the physician or midwife upon delivery of the child.

There are many wives tales and facts concerning these babies , one big one is “WEATHER”.

In fact I flew out for her birth and witnessed with in one week of his birth these weather conditions:

1. Unusually hot weather for a couple of days

2. Terrible wind

3. Terrible rain and flooding

4. A severe snow storm right before his birth!

All within a week…. “I’m a believer!” This is a photo of the storm just moving in! By the time he was born the snow was covering literally everything!

Boho style baby shower

Well, back to the shower….. the storm didn’t blow away in fact  it came that night and most of the next day with a vengeance! I was so bummed that morning I woke up, maybe even a little angry … okay I was just plain pissed off actually, to the point that my girls were like ” Stop it already!” “We can bring this inside and make it cozy and cool quit being negative!” Ya gotta love the positive vibes right? And although it wasn’t what I planned, it still turned out to be absolutely perfect! And my daughter was absolutely glowing!



And the best part of all is that after he was born his parents left the military and moved here for school, meaning we got to have and enjoy both the boys here as babies! Doesn’t get better then that am I  right Gramas?

Now for the dream catcher you will need:

1. A grapevine style wreath ( what ever size you prefer)

2. Sheets . I prefer vintage, but any cotton sheets will do, I find mine at thrift stores and buy several with different colors, prints (floral, stripe, paisley for example) and different shades (light to  dark).

3. Gather nick nack items you want to embellish it with. Again, thrift store finds are great, but you may want to use @Hobby Lobby or @Michaels. For example;  brass or silver  bells, beading, broaches, handmade India style item in bright colors and wooden nick nacks.

4. Twine and ribbons

5. Floral wire ( you may need this if applying heavier nicknacks to your wreath)

Once you have your supplies!

Tear your sheets into 3 to 4 inch wide strips ( the entire lenght of the sheet) just make a little cut at the top and let that sucker rip! You will adjust the size after you attach them to the wreath)

You can choose at this point to either wrap part of your wreath in the sheet strips or not. Both ways look good!

Next attaching the sheet strips!

You will start attaching the long sheet strips alternating the different colors and prints one strip at a time on the lower half of the wreath. You do this by folding the long strips in half and feeding the open end through the folded loop over the wreath and pull tight.  Keep repeating this process till all of your strips are tightly next to each other dense and full on the lower half of your wreath.

Now it’s time to trim!

Hang your wreath on something high so you can work with the cutting of your strips with a good eye. You will want the center strips the longest then you will gradually shorten the strips to the left and right evenly on both sides until all the strips have been shortened creating a V look. The longest strip height can be what ever length you prefer so the strips flow and don’t drag while hanging. You can cut them with scissors or cut a slice and tear them ( this will produce more fray on the bottom).

Next embellishments!

Now it’s time to use your own creativity and embellish your dream catcher by attaching your cool finds with twine, wire or ribbon , or you can begin tying them to the strips of fabric! I like to attach small items straight to the wreath with wire such as large beads, rocks, jewelery, bells or  chimes.

There you have it! They are so fun create, large to small and every size in between . The photo below shows how I attached several we made with different wreath styles to a branch!

What ever you choose I am sure it will be Gorgeous!

Happy dream catching everyone❤️




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