Why The Name CrossThrift?

There’s been quite a few that have asked us… why the name CrossThrift?

What does it stand for? Some like it, some don’t, and some have even kindly suggested we change it, and believe you me when you’re trying to get an online store out there, you think about that several times a day….seriously.

We have our about section on the website, but it doesn’t get into the reason behind the name so here goes nothin!

Back when Obama got in, several of the Havasu construction families went through huge changes financially and that included us! Let’s just say we and our husbands found creative ways to pay our bills because in our neck of the woods construction didn’t slow down…it stopped dead in its tracks.

Amanda and I have always thrifted, flipped on eBay, and refinished pieces of furniture, and I have to say, that  hobby came in handy for some extra cash.

Well, one hot Havasu Saturday we found that our thrifting search for that day had ended at St. Vincent’s. It was one of the big box sales they hold out front in the parking lot and there were a lot of huge boxes full of stuff! It was well into early afternoon when we started our system of digging through them one by one. Meanwhile the sun was getting hotter and hotter by the second. Those around us would start to dip into the boxes but then go inside within a few short minutes due to the heat. We outlasted every single human till closing time had made its call. Not yet finished we were determined to get through that last box before they packed it up. The race to beat the clock was on!  Sweating profusely and beat from the unexpected heat that day we both looked at each other and started laughing. “Holy Cow! This is a workout!” Amanda shouted as she emptied the rest of the coats out of the last bin and that’s when it hit us both… not sure who said it first but we both thought of the word CrossThrift instead of CrossFit. We laughed our butts off as we compared ourselves to the cute gym bunnies! Maybe it was the heat that made it so funny, who knows.

So…. fast forward a few years when we decided to make a go of this…. well of course it was a no brainer that  CrossThrift would be our name!

Like every new business, it’s been a struggle to get it out there, but we’re not giving up, as my Mama always says…. “It’ll happen Lord willin’ and the creeks don’t rise!

By the way that’s an actual photo from that day below!

And now, you know the rest of the story.

The Story Behind the Name, CrossThrift


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